Bas' Mugshot

Who is this guy?!

The answer to the questions remains elusive, and I have trouble pinning myself down to any career category.

Over the years, since I started working at age 17, I can trace at least four careers:

  1. Theatre - writing, directing, producing, lighting, teaching and at acting (badly, says my inner director).
  2. Small to Middle business (wholesale and retail), while living in a Buddhist centre, no less! I led a small team that hand crafted and sold meditation goods (cushions and mats and stuff like that).
  3. Community building, for one of the earlier blockchain platforms around: Nxt. This is where I got my online nickname Damelon, which you may see from time to time.
  4. Self employed writer and thinker upper in crypto adjacent stuff. Sorry, I cannot explain it clearer. Just read my stuff and it should become clear.

There are many others. I am currently studying philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, plus helping non-profits behind the scenes.

Oh, and there is this site, which I once again solemnly vow to maintain and fill with stuff. Yeah, that will happen…

Anyway, I do hope that you find the things you read here interesting and useful!

Toodle pip and cheerio!